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Singing Cat Lands
on National Radio
"joe e. daddario wasn't expecting an impromptu recording of his cat to make the playlists of Los Angeles' KROQ or the syndicated Dr. Demento Show. That's what happened when the Artist had the creative genius to record Jordy, the now famous feline, singing Silent Night. The song is even being forwarded to Internet music fans the world over."
"Q U O T E S"
(reactions to a singing cat...and more)
"The Singing Cat is the funniest thing that's happened in this house for a good while... tell Jordy he's got groupies here. Upon playing it, I noticed one of my cats next to me, 'answering' the meowing, ok, that was funny. Then, wham there's the baby kitty on my shoulder looking at the monitor, neck about a foot long. By then I'm laughing at the entire scene. About that time, my mom's cat (14 years old) wakes up in the living room & comes in like a heat seeking missile. He jumps up on the desk and positions himself in front of the speakers!!! Now I've lost it completely! Just last night I tried it again, thinking it was a fluke or I'd hallucinated the entire they came; instant replay. The big question around here, from the furrballs, is when can they expect more 'kit hits'?"
Diane Puckett - Del's Mom
"I love that song. I sent the song to many friends."
Sun - Give-A-Click
"Thank you! You would have laughed so hard if you could have seen my cats when I played the song, they had to get up close to the monitor to see where the cats were hiding, lol ;-) Thanks for your gift ;-)"  
Michael - forwarded by Menagerie Entertainment, CA.
"I am laughing so hard that I am crying. LMAO!! I LOVE IT! oh my gawd." Meoyowwwwwwwww!"
Karen - Seagoddess Entertainment
"Is he satisfied with his agent? I'd double his catnip for him to sign with me."
Albert Daddario
"I sent your cat song to my mom - she LOVED it and said all her cats totally freaked out wondering what's up ?? Mom's a REAL cat lady."
Del Puckett - Artist
"The cat song is really good Joey!!! Makes me laugh everytime...I sent it to so many people."
Michel DeMars - Artist
"Congrats on the success of your tune!!! (and big purrs to your cat!!!) it IS hysterical. I played it for one of my cats, holding her on my lap, and her ears wouldnt stop twitching and she didnt know where to look.... hee hee...."
CHE - CD Baby Artist
"It is hilarious! Jordy is famous!!! What a voice ...How did you do this? It is amazing to have the kept the cat singing... How many sardines did you give him?"
Theresa - Southern Florida
"I loved your production of SILENT NIGHT. Bravo to the cat. I was feeling sorry for him at one point for crying while listening to your music. Has he had a recent check up? I hate to pry or be negative but my mom's cat cried alot then passed away. I felt so sorry for him."
Rory R. - Artist
"I love your cat! I also have enjoyed your other music for a long time, including some of the songs on our stations. Success could not have come to a nicer guy and his cat! Geoff's cat, Smokey, sends her regards for a Merry Christmas.
Lisa - Answer Hymn
"What a kick! Great job, man! I am going to forward the link to a lot of people."
Gordy Thomas - Artist
"He he...that's pretty good! My cats (3 persians) would never stand for that!"
Fred (from StrangeCloud) - Artist
"Hey Joe, Thanks so much for sharing the cat song with all of us at the mthoughts! I bet you are getting all kinds of feedback and ideas. You did such a good job! I thought you could do a whole cd...of Christmas tunes. "
Raj and Diana Rathor - Music Thoughts
"What a great idea! I love it! My cats love it! Lol.
Angel Davis, CEO, Sheheshe Music Services
"Animal business is huge business and animal lovers buy crazy stuff. This is fun. I think you have a hot idea. The track of cats is excellent."
Michael Roy Entertainment Group, Canada

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