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What started as a lark in April, 2001 became a successful music venture for Joey and his cat, Jordy. Joey tells the story below.

Singing Cat Lands
on National Radio
"joe e. daddario wasn't expecting an impromptu recording of his cat to make the playlists of Los Angeles' KROQ or the syndicated Dr. Demento Show. That's what happened when the Artist had the creative genius to record Jordy, the now famous feline, singing Silent Night. The song is even being forwarded to Internet music fans the world over."
A B O U T   U S

"My kitty, Jordy, often whined in the studio while I was recording my songs. I never knew why until I placed a microphone in front of him (no kidding) and listened to him go through his kitty sound repetoire. The next step was to load the sound samples in a keyboard sampler and 'help' him to sing the classic Silent Night. You should have seen him stare at the speakers on first playback - hysterical!"

The next you know a world famous radio station, KROQ picked the song up for it's comical 'Kevin & Bean' show. After that, the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento added the song to his Christmas playlist.

Since then the duo has been busy working in the studio and with a promotion company to continue the success. Check back often to see and hear the latest news and songs.

Joey is a successful artist having received over a 3/4 million song plays in just a few years. His material spans the gamut from very deep, serious heartfelt music to the comical parody songs. This artist will make you laugh or make you cry - but you won't go away without having your feelings stoked somehow - you will react....and isn't that a main idea behind art?

Joey and Jordy live in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Jordy loves to hunt alligator lizards and mice. Joey loves the real people who are also searching/creating in order to make their dreams come true.

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