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(02/03/94 - 03/17/10)
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Singing Cat Lands
on National Radio
"joe e. daddario wasn't expecting an impromptu recording of his cat to make the playlists of Los Angeles' KROQ or the syndicated Dr. Demento Show. That's what happened when the Artist had the creative genius to record Jordy, the now famous feline, singing Silent Night. The song is even being forwarded to Internet music fans the world over."


L A T E S T    M E W S
(updated January 18, 2015)

"Jordy (02/03/94 - 03/17/10) my son, I miss you every day."

Interview with Jordy on YouTube

Jordy "speaks" a quick response on YouTube.

Joey Daddario received the ASCAP Plus Award for 2004/2005 and again in 2006!
It's awarded to composers whose works have a unique prestige value.

See Jordy and Joey on TV. Click HERE to see a Special Interest News cast featuring Jordy the Singing Cat, on First Coast News, Jacksonville, FL. Television.

Silent Night by the Christmas Carol Cats joined the top 1% of all songs downloaded on than 600 downloads in one month!

Christmas Carol Cats music now available on Itunes.
Joey and the Singing Zoo music now available on Itunes.

Digital Music Network Charts
Silent Night - Christmas Carol Cats
over 26,000

Here are the song titles and a little bit about each song on the Singing Zoo Revue CD:

1. What A Zoo - short intro to the animals.
2. Litter Box Rock - rock song about a cat dancing in the box.
3. Happy Tails (to you) - big band song about cats being happy when their tails go up.
4. Charlie Town - merry-go-round song.
5. Rocky The Great - Rocky is a super dog.
6. Little Furballs - a poor cat has got a hairball stuck and gets it out with the help of his owner.
7. America The Beautiful - yes this is the classic 'sung' by animals (US released CDs only).
8. Pet Talk - talk radio show where pet owners (and pets) call in with questions.
9. AhBahDahBahDoBahDa - that's all that animals hear when you call them.
10. Hide ‘N Seek - animal hide and seek.
11. It’s Story Time - beautiful classic lullaby to sing - parent to child (only serious song on the CD).
12. Silent Night - sung by a real cat, Jordy. It's hilarious. Remember jingle bells by the barking dogs?

O L D E R    M E W S

The Singing Zoo Revue's first album is least the recordings of the songs are complete. We now await artwork for the CD. At this point the album will consist of 12 very funny songs. These songs started out being targeted for a Childrens Comedy album, with animals as the theme. And it certainly has fulfilled this goal. HOWEVER, it seems adults enjoy this music as much as (actually I think maybe more than) the kids do. How did that happen? :-) Hmmm.

Jordy and Joey haven't been idling on their haunches since their popular feature at They have teamed up again going back into the studio to record a "duet" (of sorts). The new song, titled LITTER BOX ROCK, was inspired by Jordy's incessant scratching at night. Joey feels this was done intentionally so that Jordy could annoyingly get more attention.

Well, instead of fighting with a feline, Joey decided to join him in a unforgettable wild night of bizarre, festive excitement and dancing around the litter box. LITTER BOX ROCK captures this carefree and impromptu rendezvous. When Jordy heard Joey recording it, he insisted on having a singing part in the song. Jordy still believes it is his singing parts in the song that make the song a hit (thank goodness cats can't read...or can they?).

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